VR Game Environments

VR Game Environments 2020

Hall of Stories

Hall of stories was created for the 2020 Undergraduate Research Festival. The first environment they created was the Mad Hatters lunch scene from Alice in Wonderland. Our DET Students: Ben Blackmon, Alissa Davis, Alison Meador, Jael Morel, Camila Rodrigues, Elena Severson and Will Stanley, developed a 3D Environment from the button up. The assets were 3D modeled with Maya and Blender, then they were textured in with Substance Designer, Painter and Alchemist. Finally, Everything was composited in the Unity Game Engine. You can find their presentation in the link below.

Ethics Court

Ethics Court is a 3D enviroment created by our talented Det students: Jael Morel, Alison Meador, Troy Adams, Andrew Thomas, Cameron Wallace, Will Gibbs, Brady Cox, Diego Sanchez, Lucas Newton, Isaiah Barrera. In a world needing Instructional design more than ever, our students decided to create Ethics Court. An unconventional way of learning about Ethics. The project was created Spring 2020 in DET 340: Serious Games. Ethics court is a game where you are the judge, you will be presented with different academic ethical dilemmas and you will have to decide if they are guilty or innocent. What will it be ? Throughout the game you get to make big decision while learning why they were guilty or not. It’s learning made fun.

Try out Ethics court here: https://det-acu.com/ethicscourt/index.html