Published Projects From Digital Entertainment Technology people:

Wildcat Snacc Attacc is now on that Apple and Google Play stores!
This game was developed by DET & CS majors in-house as a part of Wildcat Studios effort. Well done everyone!
Developers: Drake Pamplin (’19), Matthew Middlebrook (’20), Sierra Beaton (’19), Camila Rodrigues (’21), Tendaishe Gwini (’20), & Tanner Montgomery-Scott (’20).


Charlie Velazquez (‘17) just finished mobile apps for Air1 & K-Love! You can download his handy work from the app stores:
K-LOVE (Droid):


Great job Charlie! We look forward to seeing more of your handy work!


Available on Steam:
Hold Your Ground is a Virtual Reality Archery Defense game, in which You, the sole defender of your keep, need to hold off multiple waves of increasingly numerous enemies!
By Bryce Gattis (‘19), Caleb Jackson (’20), and Andrew Thomas (’21)



The Promotion

An animated short by Lauren Mullen (‘19), Donte’ Payne (’19), and Dakota Matthews (’19).
A Real-time CGI project created using Blender and Unity 3D.
If you didn’t see it at the 2019 FilmFest, you can still see the full production on YouTube:


Matthew Middlebrook- Puzzles

Matthew Middlebrook Created a series of Levels and named these puzzles. He published these levels and they are now available on Steam, which was not an easy task. Matthew said ” Level design was much harder than I thought! Especially for a puzzle game like Portal 2, careful thought has to be done in order for the level to not be too boring and easy. There were some weeks where I barely made any changes since I was constantly play testing and making small tweaks.” (Middlebrook). Even though it was not as easy as he thought it would be, Matthew did a exceptional job ! Go check out Matthew’s Puzzle Levels with the links below.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2 -3

Puzzle 4