Recent Additions to DET and Professional Development.

We consume media constantly, so as a top Christian competitor in this field we hope to create content reflecting good.

Recently, our DET program has added a multitude of content to existing and new classes to the list. We strive to compete and improve constantly in virtual reality, game building, 3D modeling and texturing, publishing and certifications and are working to add and revise classes to cover more subjects such as 2D animation and in the Serious Games class, we added a large module on AI and machine learning. 2D animation is a brand new class premiering in spring of 2022; most of our focus as DET majors has been in 3D learning so a 2D art catered class in DET is very exciting.

Our professors work their hardest to include new technology as it comes out into the programs that they teach and we take pride in enabling our students to keep up with the times and programs that professionals use. A step towards students becoming proficient is learning to handle professional software, students are required to earn a couple of certifications in Adobe and a certification for Unity game engine and the future we hope to add a Maya 3D professional certification as well. We also encourage publishing at every corner, most of our classes are project based and finals week produces many student games at the end of every semester.

Improving: Serious Games, multiplayer/game engines 2, cinematics/virtual production, Game Materials.
New: 2D animation, Toonboom, Anamatics and traditional)

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