Unity Project #1: 2D Platformer

Unity 2D Platformer Microgame

We are going to check out the super-helpful GUIDED tutorial from Unity!

  • Open up Unity Hub (not just the engine)
  • Click blue button that says “NEW
    • UnityNewProject.png
  • Create a new project using Unity 2020.3.17 LTS
    • Use the dropdown under “New”, IF you have more than one version installed, and select 2020.3.17
    • (yes, the screenshot says 2020.3.15… that’s just how fast these get updated! Please use whatever 2020.3 LTS version you have already downloaded)
    • UnityNewProjectVersionDropdown.png
  • 1 – Name it something appropriate, like “FridaySchool_Platformer_WHATEVERYOURINITIALSARE” 
  • 2 – Find the Template for 2D Platformer Microgame and click to start downloading!
    • UnityNewProjectDownloadPlatformer.png
  • Unity will ask if you want to INSTALL it…
    • UnityNewProjectInstallPlatformer1.png
  • So, if you click on INSTALL, it will… install, so you must … wait …
    • UnityNewProjectInstallPlatformer.png
  • Once that is finally done, DOUBLE CHECK everything!  
  • Make sure you have properly named your project: “FridaySchool_Platformer_WHATEVERYOURINITIALSARE” 
  • Select the new Template for 2D Platformer Microgame (which highlights it in blue, as shown)
  • Finally, click CREATE
    • UnityNewProjectSelectPlatformer.png
  • … wait …
  • maybe wait longer…?

Once it’s all loaded up, it’ll look something like THIS:


Click on Load Tutorials, and start lernin’!

Follow along as you are guided through the game AND through the Unity Editor itself!

It’s a TUTORIAL LEVEL! How fun!

Go through all the short steps that the overlays guide you through.  Much fun, so learning.



And then… WE MOD!


Once the main exploration is done, Unity has  ELEVEN DIFFERENT MODS to walk us through!  Please do them ALL!

PLEASE NOTE: For some reason, the tutorial level MIGHT NOT come with certain necessary packages installed. If you’re trying to create a 2D object but there IS no 2D object option?
Go to Window > Package Manager.

A new window will pop-up!

Where it says In Project, click that, and select Unity Registry from the dropdown menu.

Click on and install 2D Sprite AND 2D Tilemap Editor

ALSO there is a 12th "Mod" on that page where we re-publish our heavily modded WebGL powered level so we can "Share With Friends".
Okay.  That's cool!  IF you can do the WebGL publish stuff, GREAT!  
Please do!  Try it at least once.
IF IT DOESN'T WORK for any silly reason, SKIP IT!
The WebGL Publish is ... buggy.  Sometimes it doesn't work.  Don't stress yourself out over it.

Please work through ALL of the Mods on that Unity webpage and start to discover what you can do!


If you got that cool WebGL thing to work and your silly game is now hosted on the Unity website, leave the link in the comments!

I’d love to see what you accomplished!

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